Made for Men: Make-up

Men care about their appearance more than we are made to think. We struggle with blemishes and acne just as much as women do. In fact as teens, boys struggle with acne even more than girls because of a surplus of hormones and over production of oil. So where are our beauty products, not only to cover, but also to enhance our appearance? Yes there has been a huge growth in skincare and beauty products marketed towards men, but not make-up specifically. This is because men using make-up is still considered "Unproper."


Here are some brands that have make-up marketed specfically for men.


1. Evolution Man offers a range of products from bronzer to matte nail polish. I love the hyper masculine black packaging. Our favorite is their "Conceal & Treat" concealer stick, that covers and treats your blemishes. I only wish I had found this brand sooner.



2. Eleven for Men is a fairly new a fun brand with just about everything you need. One of our favorite items is "The Toolbox," an awesome case for transporting all of your manly make-up.


3. MAC Cosmetics collaborated with the Brant Brothers to create a gender fluid make-up collection last year. We love this idea and hope they expand this collection.